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Gotta Play Tennis for Life Association

The Gotta Play Tennis for Life Association is to be a non-profit Community Tennis Association created through and approved by the USTA.
The association will be open to all recreational tennis programs in the SJ area. 

It's founder, Ron Miller of Gotta Play Tennis™ and Gotta Play Tennis Kids™, began this organization as a resource for others interested in furthering the interest of tennis in their communities as a lifetime activity.

Mission Statement: (4/2016)
Gotta Play Tennis for Life provides a pathway for more fun on the court, regardless of one's ultimate goals, and creates the foundation for more people to gain a greater understanding or introduction to the game, benefit from the degree of fitness and health it provides, or increase levels of skill to improve performance in competition. Rooted in the idea that a high barrier to entry is NOT necessary for one to enjoy the game individually or as a family, Gotta Play Tennis for Life strives to help everyone: gain knowledge and insight of tennis as a sport; advance their level of body coordination and shotmaking ability; develop exceptional sportsmanship and respect for others in the activity that lasts a lifetime–TENNIS.