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Friday, April 5, 2019

Coming this Spring 2019 to Gloucester Twp. and surrounding areas: Adult Mini Tennis

SELFFtime Adult Mini Tennis
Selfishly Enjoy Learning, Fitness, & Fun
Tired of the same old repetitive exercise routines 
as a way to better health?
Had enough pilates, yoga, spinning, cardio boot camps, or the latest trendy exercise routine du jour?

Why not reward yourself with something fresh, but yet classic!
  • Promotes health and fitness while focusing on what you want most—FUN!
  • Teaching Agility, Balance, and Coordination through engaging group activities
    • Uses equipment such as hoops, cones, ladders, rings, koosh balls and more (along with rackets and balls of course!)
  • Scaled-down court sizes and rackets
  • Softer and slower tennis balls
  • Builds the foundations of the lifetime sport of Tennis
  • PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) Certified instructor with 30+ years of experience
  • All equipment provided
  • Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and smiles!
Point Ariel Park Gloucester Twp
(we welcome Washington, Monroe, Deptford, and any other surrounding townships to join us!)
5:45PM to 7PM

6 weeks
May 14 to June 18 (original dates)
New Dates announced
May 28 - July 2

$60 (plus $10 GlouTwp. fee)

All equipment provided

— Pre-registration — NOW OPEN
Click HERE for pre-registration page

Since many activities are partner-based, why not sign up with a friend, spouse or loved one.

SELFFtime Adult Mini Tennis
Q. What motivation inspired this format of exercise and skill development?
A. SELFFtime Adult Mini Tennis grew organically from feedback with adults on the tennis court as a result of shared hitting time with their kids in our youth programs. We heard tales of both Joy and Surprise. The Joy was in how much fun this mini-format provided compared to the traditional experiences adults may have had in the past. The Surprise was regarding how much exercise was gained when utilizing a format that works the entire body. The best news was that most were almost unaware of their effort thanks to the engagement and fun factor.

Q. Is SELFFtime Adult Mini Tennis "real" tennis?
A. The sport of tennis, at its most basic level, uses a racket with strings, felt-covered rubber ball, a court area to play in, and a net to hit over. All these items are present in SELFFtime. In addition, a scoring system is in place to help players increase awareness of their skill level development through the various challenging activities.

Q. How large are the court spaces?
A. Courts can be either 42' deep and 27' wide OR 36' deep and 18' wide. A traditional court is 78' deep and 36' wide. The size of the area is small enough to accommodate those who want to run more (playing 1 on 1 singles) or those looking for less steps (playing 2 on 2 doubles).

Q. Isn't SELFFtime just like Pickleball?
A. Tennis uses a strung racket while Pickleball uses a hard paddle. Also, the ball used in Pickleball is similar to a whiffle ball while tennis balls (of all varieties) share a softer felt exterior while maintaining an inner rubber core that creates a "bounce". Taking away the strings, and eliminating a tennis ball bounce, creates an entirely different experience that is more like large-scale ping-pong than tennis.

Q. Is the entire program just hitting tennis balls back and forth?
A. Tennis skills are built on the maturation of agility, balance, and coordination development. While hitting tennis balls with a racket is an essential part of what takes place, other activities are designed to challenge both mind and body in a way that helps sculpt a person's skills—regardless of using tennis as a healthful activity, competitive venture, or both.

Q. What would I need to bring?
A. Since all equipment is provided, all you will need is a water or sports drink bottle and a towel. Wear sneakers and loose seasonal clothing. Apply sunscreen as needed.

Why choose SELFFtime Adult Mini Tennis?

Tennis and Health

copied from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/40847392_Tennis_For_the_Health_of_It)

Tennis is a sport with numerous health benefits for individuals of all ages. It is also a tremendously effective fitness activity.

Regular participants experience a wide variety of health-related physical and mental benefits, from improved cardiovascular, metabolic, and bone health to improved agility, coordination, and even stress and anxiety management.

Based on the scientific evidence available, it is difficult to find an activity that offers as wide a range of overall health benefits as tennis, and individuals who take up tennis reap tremendous rewards.

Click HERE for 34 specific reasons to consider playing tennis regularly

Health Benefits of Tennis: Why Play Tennis?
by Jack L. Groppel, PhD