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Monroe Twp.Tennis Programs

Tennis programs for youth in Monroe Twp.

Families are welcome to attend any of my tennis offerings in Gloucester Twp. held at Gloucester Twp. Community Park (next to Camden County College).  
Call 856-435-5734 for details on non-resident registration.

Or contact me by email at: 
gottaplaytennis.ron@gmail.com or call 856-359-GPTS

Hi, I'm Ron Miller of Gotta Play Tennis.
     I have found over the years that most kids love sports. That comes as no big shock to anyone. But what I have also learned is that team-oriented sports are not for everyone. Many kids get lost in the shuffle of sheer volume of participants and can be easily overshadowed by those with more talent and skill.
     Tennis offers kids the chance to learn and prosper as an individual player. Beginning at a very early age (5), if they find they enjoy tennis, players can continue on to perhaps a High School tennis team and beyond. Tennis is, after all, a LIFETIME SPORT.
Also, according to the USTA (United States Tennis Association),"no sport tops tennis at developing hand-eye coordination, and with plenty of starts, stops and directions changes, tennis provides great cross training for other sports. The on-court maneuvers help develop balance, agility and coordination. Plus, constantly reacting to opponents’ shots keeps your mind sharp as your mind and body work together."
Check out this link to find out more about the QuickStart tennis format I offer:

Here is what Gloucester Twp. residents have said about or programs (based on program evaluations):

"Gotta Play Tennis is by far the best tennis program I have seen for kids in the area. Kylie has done a couple others a few years ago, and they do not compare."

"Great participation for the entire family! We'll be signing up again!

"Ron's knowledge and passion for tennis was infectious."

"Great class! My son learned a lot and looked forward to the classes."

"The class was well run and did a good job of combining tennis disciplines with fun."

"Travis had a great time at tennis each week. Thank you!"

"Emily learned fundamentals and was excited to go to each lesson."

"Mr. Miller was extremely knowledgeable and motivating in getting my son to learn and want to play tennis. He made it fun!"

"Gina really enjoyed the program and wants to continue taking lessons. (So does her Dad–LOL!)"

"This has been the first athletic program that actively involved the parents."

"This was my son's second year and he enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

"He didn't even complain about getting up early."