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Gotta Play Tennis Kids™

Family-fun and recreation may be as close by as your local tennis courts.

Gotta Play Tennis Kids™ is the quicker and easier way to enjoy tennis as it was meant to be–the sport for everyone!

With this fresh approach know as QuickStart that is kid-sized and friendly for even beginner adults, it’s a great activity to share with friends and loved ones of all ages.

Featuring light weight racquets, slower-paced balls, smaller court sizes and easier scoring, this style of play is today’s standard for kids 10 and under. But parents love it too.

Why just wait on the sidelines and watch the kids have all the fun. As one of the most inexpensive activities around, with no equipment to buy, find out what so many others have already discovered: Gotta Play Tennis Kids using the QuickStart format, can provide the foundations for years of active enjoyment and fun, playing the lifetime sport, of tennis.

For more information about sessions in your local area, visit our website at www.gottaplaytennis.net or call 856-359-GPTS.

Gotta Play Tennis Kids–for the kids in all of us!


  • How many players are in each session?
    • Registration will yield anywhere from 10-20 children players per session
    • Will the children learn real tennis skills?
      • The basic of tennis are rooted in the QuickStart format even though the equipment is kid-sized. 
      • How much physical activity is involved for the kids?
        • Kids will run, jump, shuffle, bend and stretch.
        • How much physical activity is necessary for the adults?
          • Adults will NOT be involved with as much activity as the kids, but all adults should keep their own health and level of fitness in mind before participating. It would be best however to wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers.
          • Is there a 2nd child discount?
            • Yes. The discount is 15-20%.
            • Do I need to bring anything to the court?
              • Student should bring a water bottle.
              • Does my child need to wear anything special?
                • You're never fully dressed without a SMILE! Other than that, use your best judgement according to weather conditions.
                • Do I need any previous tennis experience?
                  • Student does not need any previous tennis experience, nor do the adults.
                  • Can I register and pay online?
                    • Deptford Twp: You can register online. We do not take any payment on-line at this time. You will make payment by sending CHECK or MONEY ORDER, by mail, to the address supplied at registration.
                    • Gloucester Twp: Registration is in-person only at the GlouTwp. Recreation Center. They require 2 checks: one for the Gotta Play Tennis fee and one for the Gloucester Twp. fee.
                  • Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
                    • Neither Deptford Twp. nor Gloucester Twp. programs can be paid by credit or debit card. Payment for Deptford Twp. must be by CHECK or MONEY ORDER only (GlouTwp. in-person registration will accept cash).
                  • What happens if it rains?
                    • We cancel ALL classes for the day if it rains. We have one built-in rain date per session or we extend each session to make up the time.
                  • What if I'm uncertain about cancellations?
                    • Call 856-359-GPTS and voicemail will indicate if class is cancelled. Also check the Gotta Play Tennis website. In addition, if we have your email address, we MAY send out a global email to all participants.
                  • Can payment be made on the first day of the session at Fasola Park (Deptford Twp)?
                    • It is best to pay by mail (Deptford Twp) so that you may have all the information required and guarantee your spot. However, payment will be accepted at the first session is space permits. All forms MUST be completed BEFORE anyone may participate.
                      GlouTwp. programs must be paid at their Recreation Center. We cannot accept any payment at the courts for programs we run there.
                  • Can payment be made on the first day of the session at Gloucester Twp. Community Park?
                    • We cannot take payment directly for any Glou.Twp. tennis programs as registration is handled by the GlouTwp. Recreation Center.
                    • Do I need to stay during the sessions?
                      • We would prefer that you stay. We advocate and support adult participation sometime during the session.
                    • What is the minimum age for a sibling to join in during a family-oriented activity?
                      • 4-years-old 
                    • What happens if my child gets injured?
                      • The parent is responsible to provide care for their own child. We do have band-aids, ice packs, and minor first-aid supplies available.
                    • How long are the sessions?
                      • Each session is 1 hour, 30 minutes long for 5 weeks (Saturday sessions only)
                      • CAMPS are 1 hour, 30 minutes long for 4 nights (Mon. - Thurs.)
                    • What happens if my child misses a session? Is there a makeup?
                      • We cannot provide makeup sessions for individuals who need to miss a session due to their specific schedule or circumstances