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Private/Semi-private LESSONS

If you would like to advance your tennis skill, contact me to schedule an evaluation lesson and review available Summer lesson time slots via Google Calendar.

Have no fear. We were all beginners at one time. As a certified tennis instructor, as well as a certified school teacher, patience is in my DNA. 

• Private lessons: one-on-one
Essential for those with an eye on competitive play

• Semi-private lessons: one-on-two
Good cost savings; beneficial for young players age 10 or under who do better with a buddy; great for couples or High School doubles players

• Small group (up to 4) or Family lesson
Great way to invest in future family time together
(Currently not available due to Covid-19)

Send me an email and I will be happy to provide details of time slots, fees, etc. 
Also, we can discuss the individual needs of your son or daughter and determine their goals. A program can then be customized to help them be successful as a tennis player and reach those goals.

SAMPLE (for non-beginner players)
This is my breakdown of skills in a tennis player that 
help us determine a realistic approach towards future progress.

  • Download these forms
  • Print them out, and give yourself a realistic evaluation. 
  • Bring this to the lesson
  • We will use this information to work towards enhancing your strengths and patching your weaknesses.