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Sunday, March 15, 2009

HOW TO...Choose the proper racket for kids

One of the problems that parents deal with is a lack of tennis knowledge or guidance to help them in making a proper purchase. What is the correct racket to buy? In any sporting goods store these days, you will find a section of rackets labeled Junior rackets. These rackets are usually very reasonably priced, and the selection might go from two or three to almost a dozen in differing lengths and grip sizes. There are THREE main concerns with the purchase of any racket:

  • LENGTH - junior rackets come in various lengths from 25" to 17" measured from top of head to butt of racket

As your child stands up straight, place the racket next to their leg, racket head down, and let them reach toward the grip. Their fingers should touch the end of the racket handle called the butt. If their hand reaches down further onto the grip itself, then the racket is too long.

  • GRIP SIZE - junior rackets have limited grip selections somewhere in the 3 to 4 " range

With your hand held flat, palm up and fingers along side one another, measure with a ruler beginning at the lowest crease in your palm. Stretch the ruler towards your ring finger. The measurement you see at the tip of your ring finger will be somewhere in the range that I have already mentioned.

  • COMPOSITION - most kids rackets are made of aluminum providing light weight, stability, and an inexpensive price

Using an improperly sized racket can limit your child's progress, cause injury or make kids develop bad habits in their attempt to overcome bad equipment.