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Saturday, May 30, 2009

REFLECTIONS...3D vision without the glasses

Sometimes people have revelations in their game while they are playing or just afterwards. My hitting partner Freddie had just such an epiphany after a particularly rocky-to-incredible tennis session this week. I describe it this way because neither of us were hitting the ball particularly well when we began hitting, but we had both reached a plateau later that had us both scratching our heads as to where these shots were coming from. Basic shots were missed early on, and now we were hitting winners from all positions on the court.

Afterwards, Freddie mentioned an observation in his own game. He said that sometimes he only saw the ball, other times only the court, and then only me. But when he felt that he was seeing the bigger picture, and putting all of these things in perspective, his shots reflected the best he could hit. When he said this, it immediately struck me as to how profound these statements were about the game of tennis and our ability to control it in our own personal space. 

Seeing the ball relates to technique and our ability to use our unit turn, shoulders as power and direction generator, and forehand or backhand routine. Seeing the court is tied to movement and our approach to the ball using long strides to get there and short adjustment steps to position ourselves in the right striking zone. And seeing only me–his opponent–in his sights, means that he is mentally aware of strategic shotmaking and ball placement relative to my position on the court.

If your game is firing on all cylinders, then this 3-D vision is working FOR you and AGAINST your challenger. I'm getting a vision now myself. I see these concepts being verbalized in a podcast in the near future.

Thanks out to Freddie for his insight.

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