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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Episode 49: Left-handed fair advantage

Why have left-handed players done so well in tennis? Do they have an advantage over righties on the court? We'll take a look at the facts, some history, and even some speculation about lefty vs. righty.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say that I like and appreciate your podcasts, and just have one remark. You clearly favor Federer and simply diminish Nadal's accomplishments. Would be great to hear from you some appreciation of his records as well.
    Thanks, and good luck with all :)

  2. Thanks Maggie. You also might want to check out my forums and post there. You can be one of the first.
    I don't really prefer Federer over Nadal, but I am a little partial to more classic vs. more radical strokes. It harkens back to the conflicts between Borg and McEnroe which I watched growing up. But Nadal no doubt has a game that can work against any style player out there. I just hope he can stay healthy since he relies so much on his court coverage for his success.


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