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Friday, June 17, 2011

REFLECTIONS...not another "me too" site

Recently I was asked why I did not do more specific, step-by-step instruction in my podcast and on my site. Although I have been a bit lax in my intended bullet-point info on individual strokes or techniques, I have to admit that the GPT tennis site is not about that–well, at least not specifically about that. After all, if you are a tennis fan, you are more than aware that many sites exist from folks who are happy to provide the specifics, as they see it, to every stroke in the book. My intention with Gotta Play Tennis was never to be another "me too" site. More so than many others, I am one of YOU! I did not grow up  taking tennis lessons at a club, did not have parents who gave me support in tennis financially or otherwise, and did not flourish in an era where tennis video and support was a mouse-click away. I learned by the "school of hard knocks", reading books and magazines, trial and error, and emulation of over three decades of tennis pros. 
    I see tennis as a journey and not a destination. If I've ever arrived at what I would call the complete game, then my burning desire to improve might be extinguished. That would be against my nature of continued growth. Many others out on the net have wonderful, detailed and insightful content to share. The really smart thing to do is learn something from what everyone has to say. I may agree in many cases, and in some cases I may disagree. But the end result is learning and growing. My only caution for you is to consider any content within context. I try to provide a comprehensive foundation of context when describing a stroke, technique or strategy. And my hope is that this has been helpful. After almost four decades on the court, I must know something of value.
    Also, my podcast is about enjoyment and entertainment through learning. Unless you are looking to play professional tennis, you play because it is FUN! The Gotta Play Tennis site and podcast is about enjoying and learning. I certainly do not  have all the answers, but fortunately there are enough smart and talented people around that I don't need to even try to. We learn best by taking everything in with an open mind and sifting out what does not make sense in our individual game or life. Let's face it, you know yourself much better than any of us on the other side of a website can know you.
    Take what you can from my site and then check out the others. We all have something to provide that can help. Just remember the opening line in my podcast: "Perhaps my advice can help you become a better player, provide a pathway to more tennis knowledge, or just supply pointers for more fun on the court."

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