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Thursday, January 5, 2012

NEWS: Ivan Lendl to coach Andy Murray beginning 2012

Shown at the 1992 US Open against Jimmy Connors
It would appear that an old dog can teach new tricks. Ivan Lendl, winner of eight Grand Slam championships in the mid to late 1980s, and forerunner of the modern power game, has been hired by Andy Murray with the ultimate goal being a Murray Grand Slam win (or two). Officially retired as of December 20, 1994, Lendl won the Australian Open twice, the French and US Opens three times, and came in second of two at Wimbledon in 86 and 87. With an 81.8% career winning record, and 144 career title, he knows a little about what it takes to win the big ones. 
"I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with Andy," Lendl said. "He is a unique talent and I look forward to trying to help him reach his goals."
While Murray has been relatively successful, having reached the Australian Open final and the semifinals of the other three Grand Slams last season, he still has a few details to iron out in his game if he intends to take away the winners trophy. Lendl may be just the man to help him. His machine-like style from the baseline, no-nonsense fitness and strength commitments that were legendary, and relentless all-court game may be something the quirky and somewhat unpredictable Scot may find "educational" as it applies to own style. The 2012 season will be the test of this seemingly unlikely pairing. 

But then again, opposites do attract!

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