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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NEWS: Gotta Play Tennis at the 21st Annual Blackwood Pumpkin Festival

The Gotta Play Tennis table was located in front of the food vendors. Yumm!
On a bright and Beautiful Sunday, October 14, the 21st Annual Blackwood Pumpkin Festival was held on side streets and in parking lots of downtown Blackwood in Gloucester Twp. Although it might seem a little odd to be promoting tennis in the fall, I still find that most parents are not aware of the opportunities kids have to learn this great lifetime sport all throughout the year from Gloucester Twp. Recreation and Gotta Play Tennis™. 

As someone who has worked with youth spring, summer and fall for many years on the court, I am more excited than ever to bring an alternative to the saturated sports of soccer and football where kids can easily get lost in the shuffle under the guise of "team". The reality is, from speaking to many parents, that over-coaching and team politics can sometimes get in the way of the fun, challenge and entertainment that a sport should provide. Since tennis is more about you meeting and then overcoming the limitations of your own athletic ability, there is none of the favoritism exhibited in some sports where only the best players get any significant field time. 

Don't misunderstand me. I am all for kids having the chance to experience every different type of sports activity and then navigate to the ones they enjoy the most. But what I find most disturbing are the parents who won't even consider tennis as a possibility. It's as if they do not understand that it is not only a world-class sport played all over the world, but in addition, it is one of the best cross-training sports available to athletes of all disciplines. At the Gotta Play Tennis table, parents were given a tentative spring schedule for 2013 as well as a flyer explaining the benefits of tennis to adults and kids of all ages.

As you can see, getting the word out was my mission at the festival, and it continues to be my passion as we come to the conclusion of another very successful tennis year.

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