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Sunday, June 23, 2013

LOCAL NEWS: Both kids and parents take a swing at Tennis Family Fun Day

Kooshball catch is always a fun favorite
Visualize a mildly-warm saturday morning in June, energetic kids ages 5-14, and tennis courts filled with fun and skill-building activities. This gives you some idea of how it was at the 2nd Annual Tennis Family Fun Day in Gloucester Twp. Community park. The event, hosted by Ron and Trish Miller of Gotta Play Tennis Kids (with the cooperation of the Gloucester Twp. Recreation Center) showcased the low cost, family-friendly activity of QuickStart tennis. Newly-budding tennis players participated in a variety of activities that worked their minds and bodies while being introduced to some of the tennis stroke and movement basics. Games such as Shark Island and Cone Catcher emphasized visual awareness and quickness, while activities like Kooshball Catch and Tennis T's worked on racquet control. Players got to move around in small groups to experience a snapshot of the QuickStart tennis format which is ideal for younger players looking to learn the game.

Needless to say, the kids (and parents) had a great time at this totally free event which introduced quite a number of Gloucester Twp. families to the benefits that Gotta Play Tennis Kids provides with Spring, Summer and Fall programs offered through the recreation center. To my knowledge, there is no other event that helps parents get a first-hand look at the advantages this lifetime activity called tennis can provide. But looking was only a part of the parents' involvement. Ron and Trish invited the adults to grab a provided racquet and start hitting with their kids using the special player-friendly slow-bounce or foam balls that help all ages participate together. As usual, when parents are engaged instead of just standing on the sidelines, they feel more a part of their kids' activity. When it was time to go, both parents and kids seemed willing to stay for even more. But it was time to put down the racquets as the event came to its conclusion.
Tennis Family Fun Day was a great success, and the wish is that those in attendance will spread the word and tell others about what Gotta Play Tennis Kids can provide in the way of recreation, exercise, and just plain fun. 

Registration for the summer saturday programs and evening summer camps is still available at the Gloucester Twp. Recreation Center located at 80 Broadacres Drive, Clementon (Next to the Cherrywood development). Call (856) 435-5734 for details or contact Ron Miller of Gotta Play Tennis at 856-359-GPTS. The recreation center is open Monday - Thursday, 8:00AM to 5:45PM with extended evening hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7:30PM.

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