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Thursday, June 12, 2014

NEWS (local): Gloucester Twp. Day 2014 displays kid-sized tennis and helps feed the hungry

Gloucester Twp. Day 2014

The smiles of those walking by our location at Veterans Park were beaming almost as brightly as the sunshine’s rays on Gloucester Twp. Day 2014. We had the opportunity to meet quite a few parents and their kids as we displayed information about our upcoming summer programs at the Gotta Play Tennis™ and Gotta Play Tennis Kids™ table. Mostly, we really wanted to let more of the community know that there is an alternative sport or even perhaps an off-season cross-training activity that can provide both fun and skill building. For more information on upcoming sessions, please contact the Gloucester Twp. Recreation department at 856-435-5734.

In addition to our sharing of materials that both celebrate youth tennis and provide schedules for the next few months, we offered something new this year. With the support of the South Jersey Food Bank of South Jersey, we provided a kids craft table where children could make something we call a “Bounster-a monster that bounces.” Excited kids worked with us and their parents to create their own unique designs built upon a tennis ball as the base. A slit was already cut for the mouth making it a natural puppet by squeezing along the sides. We asked a minimum $1 donation for the charity as we ourselves supplied all the materials at no cost. Some very interesting creatures were born, and every dollar goes to helping fight hunger in South Jersey. According to their statistics, a part of what drew us to them for this venture, was the fact that in 2013 alone the Food Bank of South Jersey distributed over 10 million pounds of food and responded to more than 1 million requests for food. They can be reached at http://foodbanksj.org/ if you can help with donations, volunteering or if you yourself are in need of assistance.

With school soon coming to a close, it is that time of year to consider what the kids can experience over the summer. Why not make tennis, the lifetime sport, a part of that discovery.

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