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Monday, June 17, 2019

NEWS: 2019 Spring Youth QuickStart Tennis program closes with Red Ball Team Challenge

Trish and I would like to thank all of the parents who attended our 2019 Spring Tennis session at GlouTwp. Community Park. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

A special thank you to those parents who were able to attend and provide on-court assistance at our now annual Spring Red Ball Team Challenge. The competition was low-key and enjoyable. Kids got the opportunity to exercise the skills they learned in our QuickStart session, and parents were directly involved with youth sport perhaps unlike any other experience they've had with the more recognized soccer, baseball, etc.

The pizza party that followed the RBTC was tasty, and we consumed about 8 delicious pies, and plenty of ice cold water, for which our small registration fee helped to cover costs. Our thanks to Mario's pizza, located on South Black Horse Pike in Blackwood, for working with us and discounting and delivering the scrumptious slices.

Special recognition goes to:

  • Coach/Trish Miller (my wife)
    • Without all her hard work, this event (and all the tennis sessions themselves) would not be possible. She thinks of all the small things I forget, helps me bounce around ideas for our lesson plans (pun intended), and she provides organization to what could easily be chaos and confusion. Thank you, honey!
  • Dave Wojcik
    • Assistant coach Dave is always there early to help set up the courts, and he always stays late to help clean up as well. In addition, we throw tasks his way, without warning, and he always takes the challenge in stride. His daughter River has been attending these sessions for a few years now and continues to improve on her skills.
  • Our wonderful teen assistant coaches/Travis Cina and Katrina Mills
    • Not sure what more I can say about these terrific, dedicated, and skilled coaches. Their work in the court with the kids speaks for itself, and I hope parents realize how valuable they have been both in their guidance and leadership.
  • Newly minted Junior Coaches/Jayden Miller, Kylie Galantic, and River Wojcik
    • As we understood the need to develop younger students to eventually replace our teens, who will be moving on to bigger challenges in the near future, we looked to students who showed dedication, spirit, and levels of skill required to act as positive models to other players. These three have shown this, and we hope to help them develop even more leadership as they continue to grow and learn. Special recognition to Jayden Miller as his never-give-up approach on the court (much of which Trish and I have seen when we hit with him) makes us very proud grandparents indeed. Although a bit under the weather during this event, he still pushed forward as much as possible to keep things moving. Thanks, Jayden! We love you lots.
Don't forget our 2019 Tennis Olympic Challenge, held evenings from July 15-18, which will be our next tennis session. Check out the description and information on our website.

Feel free to comment on this post. Also, take advantage of the online program evaluation that was sent to your email. 

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