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Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 43: the board game named Tennis

Tennis has been compared to other sports and activities. Now I make the case for the similarities of tennis and backgammon. If you thought that a Chess match was like a tennis match, wait until you hear about the "oldest" game in recorded history.


  1. I guess I'll have to brush up in my backgammon skills to understand the podcast, not that I have any to start with! XD

  2. Many thanks for the review of Backgammon and Tennis, Ron. I don't know a whole lot about Backgammon so it was interesting to hear about it and hear your case for the many similarities.

    I did see that some of the latest computer software now can actually play against and even beat some the best human players at this board game. As you know, see GNU Backgammon, eXtreme Gammon, Jellyfish, Snowie.

    I wonder if someday, a computer can help tennis players (before a match) tell them how to play opponents, what strategy to use, etc. to maximize probability of victory. Maybe this is done now.


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