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Friday, April 2, 2010

LISTEN TO DISCUSSION...Remembering the Battle of the Sexes

The early 1970's were a defining time in tennis. Hustler and former tennis player Bobby Riggs and female tennis pro Billie Jean King made history through the famous spectacle held at the Houston Astrodome known as the Battle of the Sexes. Listen to a lively discussion between Ron Miller and Ian Westermann (ESSENTIAL TENNIS) and callers from around the U.S. as we discussed the state of women's vs. men's tennis and the potential for an event like this to be repeated today.


  1. i know it is not related to this post but, do you have any off court exercises? I mean, like sprinting from base line to serve line and back and from side to side. It would be awesome if you'd talk about them.

    hate not saying much more, but i gotta play tennis!

  2. I followed this match with interest. I wd like to think that it was not as much a man vs woman affair as it was an attempt to add a new dimension to sports and make woman and man play against each other on a regular basic in both singles and doubles format. Unfortunately this match was not followed through to that end. Hope somebody someday will and men vs women singles and doubles would be played in grand slam and other ATP tournaments. If this happens in tennis, others sports shall naturally follow.


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