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Last call for the gotta play tennis podcast

Sunday, June 24, 2012

REFLECTIONS: Maybe it's time to enjoy the Gotta Play Tennis podcast

If you are currently a podcast listener, thank you very much. I truly appreciate you taking the time to listen to my show, and I hope it has been helpful.

But if you have never listened, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

  • Podcasts are FREE
  • Gotta Play Tennis podcast typically lasts a but 15 -20 minutes
  • Many different tennis topics are covered
  • The insights shared are from both current and past experiences from over three decades
  • I personally guarantee you will learn something you did not know about tennis
What others are saying:

"He mixes technique with tennis history.
He gives a good macro-type overview of the game in an entertaining way"
Leftie Bill

"Fast-paced and pointed ideas and insights to help club and rec. players at all levels"


"His background in education comes through almost as much as his love for, 
and teaching of, the sport"

Thinking About Tennis

"Please continue–all my friends in my club tennis league are now hooked"


"Ron delivers a lot in a brief time–yet one is not overwhelmed. He is practical, yet has a 
dry wit that lighten's one day"


Real comments, by real people, taken from the iTunes COMMENTS section.

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