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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Private lessons now available (with safety protocols) updated 6/27

Private lessons are now available to those seeking to either learn a great social-distancing sport or improve upon their current skills.

These lessons are NOT part of GlouTwp. Recreation and are provided independently by Ron Miller, PTR certified instructor with over 30+ years experience teaching tennis skills to adults and children alike.

See link to Private/semi-private lessons for more information.

Safety protocols:

Off-court (my practices)
  • a mask is worn whenever present in public spaces
  • regular daily temperature checks completed
  • awareness and avoidance of any local hotspots of virus spread
On-court (all parties)
  • initial temperature checks of participant(s) and coach
  • hand sanitizer usage after each drill or activity and at end of lesson
  • separate ball pick-up baskets tagged for each participant
    • baskets sanitized with antibacterial wipes
  • social distancing in effect for all activities
    • most activities are facilitated on opposite sides of the net
  • masks are NOT worn on-court (by either player or coach) as they restrict the breathing of any participant who will accelerate their breathing upon exertion
  • no fist bumps, high fives or elbow rubs; only verbal cues and spoken praise
  • participants are recommended to keep their hands away from their face at all times
  • players provide their own racket and beverage
The spread of Covid-19 has been shown to have very limited spreading potential when socially distanced, in an outside environment, and in warmer, sunnier weather.