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Thursday, July 9, 2020

NEWS: NJ Health Department lists tennis as a "low risk" sport for exposure to Covid-19

Governor Murphy of NJ, in Executive order No. 149, has placed tennis in the Low-Risk category as it relates to exposure to Covid-19. Ordered on May 29, 2020, this "Guidance for Sports Activities" was published by the New Jersey Department of Health. Low-Risk is defined as "sports that can be done individually, do not involve person-to-person contact and do not routinely entail individuals interacting within six feet of one another."  Tennis was allowed to resume, for both practices and competitions, on June 22nd. That being said, the guidance always allows local municipalities the discretion to open or close any facilities as they see fit.

Has there ever been a better time to play tennis? If you are still not convinced, read this 2018 New York Times article entitled "The Best Sport for a Longer Life? Try Tennis." Or check out the clinical features of tennis by Jack Groppel, PhD and Nicholas DiNubile, MD in a paper entitled "Tennis: For the Health of It!"

Still not sure? Try it! Tennis rackets and balls are inexpensive, so the barrier to entry is low. But let me make a recommendation: do not buy optic yellow tennis balls in a tube.  These are essentially the same speed and bounce used by professionals. Are you a professional? If not, then try either Orange or Green balls. They bounce at 50% and 75% of a standard tennis ball, and they are available at sporting goods stores, big box stores, and online. Your playing experience will be much more enjoyable with a ball that is more beginner-friendly.

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