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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

REFLECTIONS...more than one swing, and fun

I know this is podcast worthy material, but I couldn't help but think this morning about the different kinds of swings required on a tennis court. Last night I played, broke yet another string, but more importantly thought about how my swing was affected by depth, spin, and height of the ball.

I remember mentioning to my partner about how, on an individual shot, I had used an offensive swing vs. a defensive one. In other words, when he pressed with a really hard and deep shot, I was attempting to hit back just as hard with added mustard. I know this is not the way to win a point, but I found myself doing it anyway.

Tennis really fun to play. And sometimes I will sacrifice what I know is right for what I know is fun. It is great to crank a ball back at warp 3 when taking one at warp 2. It is NOT the smartest shot, and the likelihood of errors if great. But how great does it feel to hit that shot for a winner–even if it is only one out of ten.

The bottom line is this: not every swing is the same, and not all balls should be hit with 100% power or full follow through. But have fun with it. Boring may win more points, and perhaps it can win even more matches. But it is still BORING. I will choose fun now and then...because it is, well, fun!

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